What are the main differences of DirecTwist from other twisting machines?
For what different purposes we can use DirecTwist?
Is it a parallel winding machine?
Why do we use cover frame?
Is it only a two head/spindle machine?
Is it only a covering machine?
Is there a twist variation in twisting?

Do we need to double the yarn before twisting?
Can DirecTwist twist only four plies of yarn?
What happens if one yarn is broken or the source cone is finished?
Does it stop automatically when the bobbin is full?
How can we adjust the parameters?
What is the twist per meter range?
Do we need to change gear and belt ratios to change the twist per meter (TPM) values?
In which languages can we operate the machine?
Is it a noisy machine?
What is the electrical consumption of DirecTwist?

What is the production per day?
What is the maximum winding speed of the machine?
What is the maximum twisting speed of the machine?

Do we need regular maintenance?
Does the operator need to be trained?
How many months of warranty do you give with the machine?

On what type of cone can we wind the yarn?
What kind of yarns we can twist with DirecTwist?
What is the maximum package size?
Can we wind the yarn on cylindrical cone?
Do we need to fix the yarn after twisting?
Can we produce fancy yarn out of DirecTwist?
Is it possible to adjust the tension of the individual yarn?
What is the yarn count range?
Does it wax the yarn?


Can we twist bare (nude) elastane fiber?
Can we adjust the percentage of elastane fiber in the twist?
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