Integrates all the advantages of TWO-FOR-ONE, HOLLOW SPINDLE, DIRECT CABLING, BASIC, RING TWISTING methods.
Vast Amount of possibilities for realizing different twist types with broad
yarn kinds and count.
No need for yarn preparation before twisting and no need
rewinding after twisting.
Essential for new generation integral garment / knit&wear knitting
machines with multi-end use
Ideal for technical textiles manufacturers to make special blend yarns with
better strength and physical properties.”
Very useful for yarn manufacturers and yarn designers to create new yarn samples.

All new & unique drive mechanism.
Easy loading and unloading of bobbin to/from the winder unit
Ceramic coated winding-drum allows twisting of any abrasive yarn
In-line motor-driven waxing device  

Clear and large new generation touch-screen operator
panel makes the operation simple. Precisely designed,
self explaining user interface allows both programming
and operation enjoyable. New program versions can be
downloaded via USB-memorystick within a few seconds.
(For DirecTwist-MULTI-B)

Special operation buttons display messages about the operation status.
Different lights for different messages warns operator from far distance
(For DirecTwist-MULTI-B)


User friendly operator panel vith simplified keypad allows easy programming and controlling each spindle independently from each other. Vandal resistant buttons for maximum operation life. Stylish quick indicators for error messages.
(For DirecTwist-2B)

vDifferent threadingmethods allow creating both cabling and covering on the same machine.

Extremely simple threading and guidance
of the yarn to spindle with air-jet, results
incredibly short setup time

Up to 8 plies of yarn can be twisted together on each head.
ALL-IN-ONE in single operation from cones to cone
Simple to use as a conventional cone winder

Optional programmable precise Lycra feeding device
allows 10% to 90% feeding rate on broad twist range.

vUtmost speed 18.000 twist/min up to 2000 twist/meter,
vAll electronically adjustable

One touch button selectable for
S and Z twist structure

Precise bobbin shape and adjustable balloon size.
Safe and silent operation.

Purely uniform twist in any combination,
even with Lycra


As well as staple fibers, great performance on continious fibers.
Optional cylindrical winding drum is available.

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