What does unraveling mean?
Why do the knitwear manufacturers need this machine?
Does the unraveling process damage the yarn?
Is it possible to use the unraveled yarns as original yarn?
Is it possible use the yarn directly to the knitting machine?
Are there any other similar machines in the world?
What are the adjustments of IntelliWinder for a new fabric?
Does the machine adjust the tension on the yarn automatically?
Does the operator need to be trained?
What is the maximum spindle number?
Is it possible to unravel the circular knitted fabrics?
Where should be the place of the IntelliWinder in the knitting mill?
Is it possible to use this machine as a separate business for serving purpose to many knitwear dealers?

Do we have to instruct the yarn sequence to the IntelliWinder?
Why microprocessor is needed to control the machine?
Are the each unraveling systems individually controlled?
Which parameters can be monitored?
Does all the machine stops during break of a yarn?
Do we have to stop the entire machine during threading a new fabric?
How the machine solves the tangles?
What is the function of positive yarn feeder?

How many speed selections on the machine?
What is the speed of unraveling compared to the knitting time of the fabric?

Is the gauge of the fabric important?
Does knitting structure affect the unraveling performance?
Which kind fabrics are not possible to be unraveled?
Is it possible to unravel more than one fabric at a time?
How about the performance of the machine in Lycra blend fabrics?
How can we test the IntelliWinder performance with our fabrics?
Is it possible to unravel the washed fabrics?

Do the yarns break often?
What is the maximum size of the cone after filled?
Is it possible to separate the multi-end yarn during unraveling?
If a fabric is composed of single end and multi-ends yarn together, is it possible to seperate them either?
Is it possible to adjust the tension on the yarns individually?
Is there any splicer on the machine?
Does the entanglement or squeezing of the yarn to the moving parts happen?
Is threading easy?

What is IntelliTwister?
Is the yarn winded to the cone as twisted if we use IntelliTwister?

Are the electronic and mechanical parts of the machine sealed from dust?
Why the winding drums are vertical and not horizontal?
Is it noisy?
What is expandability feature?
Is there any dust cleaner on the machine?

Is the machine affected because of the power interruption?
What about the electricity cost?

Does the machine need regular maintenance?
How can we get the parts if we need?
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