IntelliWinder ®

Intelligent unraveling machine for any kind of yarn and fabric structure.

If the fabric is knitted with many yarn ends and with many systems, that time it may not be possible to seperate all the yarn ends. The yarns in the same loops may have different lengths and pre-tensions remained from knitting. Even if one or more plies unravel up to the end of the row, the others may not perform to be unraveled completely.
If the yarns ends are pulled simply together, due to the non-unraveled plies exist on the row, the successive unraveling yarn becomes tangled. And the unraveling process becomes more complex. But IntelliWinder® has an ingenious function to solve this problem!
The plies are wound together temporarily by the IntelliTwister® mechanism on IntelliWinder®. Obviously, the slacker yarn will be wound on the streched one. Twisting them during unraveling makes all the plies are unraveled together. If there are excess slackness remained, the twisting of the still yarn for a period of the fractions of a second, easily removes all. Certainly, IntelliWinder® winds the yarn to the cones without twisted and paralel, as it was only temporary twisting. (Patented)


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