AGTEKS is founded in 1992 with the purpose of manufacturing high technology products which make the life easy and efficient for textile industry.  Agteks, become one of the leading textile machinery manufacturer and technology company that produces high-tech and patented textile machinery. The Research and Development objective of highly qualified and experienced engineering staff makes AGTEKS one of the fastest developing companies in the world. 
The most important products of this R&D approach are DirecTwist® cone to cone multifunctional twisting machine, IntelliWinder® intelligent unraveling machine, DirectCover technical yarn covering machine and Servo Bobbin Feeder positive yarn feeder device with their patents. Additionally, AGTEKS has designed the world's fastest linear motor and has patented in 2010. Fabric quality sensor Quality Bar developed with image processing algorithms and designed with embedded processors, have provided to sale in the international market in 2016.
AGTEKS has made itself different from others by its solutions with the policy of ‘’Challenging Innovations’’. Keeping its goals high and not just works for solving the problem, works eliminate the problem, thus always keep pace with up to date technology. Even if it is not enough, it creates its own technology.
“Total quality” and “customer satisfaction in any case” are the strict mottos of our company, thus all of our customers are agreed about our highest quality products and after sales service.
AGTEKS has become a pioneer company for not only conventional textile, but also technical textile industry with many number of international patents, hundreds of satisfied customers in more than 75 countries, highly motivated and enthusiastic staffs and with many highly reputable agents worldwide.
AGTEKS is member of;
  • TEMSAD Textile Machinery& Accessories Builders Association of Turkey
  • ITO Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul
  • ISO Chamber of Industry of Istanbul
  • OAIB Machinery & Accessories exporters Union of Turkey
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