A yarn quality sensor with optical scanning technology developed for industrial yarns.

Quality Eye

Quality Eye is a solid state total yarn quality sensor using infrared optical scanning technology and is specially designed for online quality control of tire cords. It is capable of interfacing wide range of tire cord twisting/cabling machines. These sensors can be used during twisting, cabling, rewinding and/or finishing processes. It uses powerful microprocessors for image processing of high resolution and high speed captured images on the yarn. 

Infrared detection 
ensures prevention of effects of environmental lights. 
Easy programming 
and quick learning modes provides fast application to wide range of yarn types. 
  • Specifications
  • Technology Linear Image Sensor
    Sensor resolution 600 dpi
    Sensing speed 1000 lps
    Faulty detection Thickness, thinness, dtex variation, slub, corky screw, yarn break, hairiness, tension
    Measurements Meter, hairiness, thickness, tension
    Output NPN, open collector output, max 50mA


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