Servo Feeder

Up to 200 Mt/min

Technical and twisted yarns feeding process should be applied with constant tension. Servo Bobbin Feeder allows up to 200 meter / min. speed. The bobbin holder allows almost any kind of spools. Any number of unit may be connected to any spindle. The tension on the yarn is adjustable. Attached sensors can stop the machine in case of yarn breakage.
Cotton/Wool/Acrylic :
Polyester/Elastane :
Nylon/Polypropylene :
Aramid :
Glass/Carbon :
Fine Metal Wire :
  • Specifications
  • Number of feeding unit 1 to 4 in Same Frame
    Power 200-240V, 1P , 50-60Hz, 0.15 kW
    Feeding speed Up to 200 Meter / Minute, depend on synchronized machine and the bobbin weight
    Feeding torque 2.0 Nm
    Feeding bobbin weight Up to 6 kg (13 lbs)
    Bobbin size Up to 95 mm inner, 310 mm outer diameter, 290 mm length

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