IntelliWinder ®

Intelligent unraveling machine for any kind of yarn and fabric structure.

IntelliWinder ® 8-T

IntelliWinder ® is the worlds first unraveling machine for flat-knitted fabrics that can recover the yarn from the defected flat knits. It is the first and the only electronic unraveling machine and consists of fully patented systems.
Programmable grouping modes of operation:* (no. of yarn counts/fabric)
  • 1x8
  • 2x4
  • 3+3+2
  • 4+4
  • 5+3
  • 6+2
  • 8


  • Specifications
  • MODEL Intelliwinder – 8T
    No of unraveling units
    Winding speed 0-300 m/min (all the systems can be adjusted individually)
    (varies acc. To yarn
    count & fabric type)
    Max. ~70kg


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