HS Quality Eye 2D

HS-Quality Eye 2D is a solid state two-dimensional online yarn quality sensor with optical scanning technology specially to sense slub and high-accuracy dtex/denier value for fibers & yarns processes up to 6000 m/min.

HS-Quality Eye 1D/2D detects and reports all quality issues such as yarn break, high- accuracy dtex/denier value and variation, slub, splice recognition and measures pollution, thickness and length. It has four outputs to send informatin to the machine or PLC etc. for defects. Also, all of issues can send to the cloud or webservice etc. for Industry 4.X.
  • Specifications
  • Technology High Speed Scanning Sensor
    Sensor resolution 400 dpi
    Sensing speed 60000 lps
    Faulty detection Thickness, thinness, dtex variation, slub, yarn break
    Communication Ethernet or Wi-Fi
    Output 4 pes. NPN, open collector, max 50mA
    Recording Data-time, faulty lenght(time based),
    machine number, error code, thickness,
    meter, total fault number to server PC
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