Quality Bar

Quality Bar is a genuine high-resolution online fabric inspection system with multi-modes scanning processes and simultaneous front & back lighting with RGB+IR light sources.
Quality Bar may be installed on a weaving loom or on a fabric inspection machine or even on a fabric spreading machines to check any kind of woven or knitted fabrics.
Quality Bar detects and reports all quality issues such as fabric irregularity, lump, knot, hole, irregular edge, missing weft /wrap         irregular weft or warp, weft slope, fabric pattern error etc. on the fabric. If needed it can even give the stop command to the loom while detection. Also, all of issues can be sent to the cloud or webservice etc. for Industry 4.X.

  • Specifications
  • Technology High Speed Scanning Sensor
    Sensor resolution Up to 600 dpi
    Sensing speed 6000 lps
    Scanning speed Up to 100 meter/min
    Faulty detection Fabric defects, weft defects. warp defects
    Fabric Woven. non-woven or knitted fabrics
    Output NPN, open collector output, max 50mA
    Recording Defect Time, Defect Position [X, Y] on the fabric, Machine Number,
    Defect Size, Defect Picture, Defect Name etc.
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