Shade Bar

Shade Bar is an online shading detection system with high-sensitive spectrophotometer with up to 6 modules for comparing up to 6 different areas longitudinally and horizontally on the fabric.
Shade Bar may be installed just after the dyeing processes and detects the shading issues such as color differences issues between left, middle and right side of the fabric, reports all of shading data for whole roll for analyzing.
Shade Bar needs L, a, b and ∆E values of fabric and checks fabric shading every cm*. If needed it can even give the stop command to the machine while detection. Also, all the scanned data can be sent to the cloud or webservice etc. for Industry 4.X.
  • Specifications
  • Technology High-Sensitive Spectrophotometer
    Sensor resolution Up to 10 nm + ΔE: Up to %0.1
    Sensing speed 100 lps
    Scanning speed Up to 100 meter/min
    Faulty detection Shade detection
    Output 2 pes. NPN, open collector, max 50mA
    Recording Defect Time. Defect Position [X. Y]. Machine Number, Defect Size, Defect Name etc.
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