Finishing Bar

Finishing Bar is an online fabric inspection system for fabric finishing processes with mono & colored camera and front & back lighting.
Finishing Bar may be used on a dyeing, sizing, fixing, dipping etc. processes for any kind of fabrics.
Finishing Bar detects and reports all quality issues such as fabric irregularity, lump, knot, hole, irregular edge, irregular weft or warp, fabric pattern error etc. on the fabric. If needed it can even give the stop command to the loom while detection. Also, all of issues can be sent to the cloud or webservice etc. for Industry 4.X.
  • Specifications
  • Technology High Speed Line Scan Camera
    Camera resolulion Up to 8K
    Sensing speed 26.000 lps
    Scanning speed Up to 100 meter/min
    Sense res. at speed Up to 450 meter/min
    Faulty detection Fabric defects, weft defects, warp defects
    Fabrics Woven, non-woven or knitted fabric
    Output 2 pes. NPN, open collector, max 50mA
    Recording Defect Time, Defect Position [X, Y] on the fabric. Machine Number,
    Defect Size. Defect Picture. Defect Name etc.
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