Digital Dropwire

Digital Dropwire that is a revolution of the mechanical dropwires is high resolution online optical dropwire system to sense the yarn breaks and defects on the wrapping, rebeaming, before-weaving looms* for especially denim yarns or any kind of yarns.
Digital Dropwire detects the broken yarn and defects then can give the stop command to the loom immediately or report the all issues.
  • Specifications
  • Technology High Speed Scanning Sensor
    Sensor resolution 600 dpi
    Sensing speed 6000 lps
    Faulty detection Yarn breaks, yarn defects
    Communication Ethemet or Wi-Fi
    Output 2 pes. NPN, open collector, max 50mA
    Recording Defect Time, Defect Pos. [X, Y]. Machine Number, Defect Size,
    Defect Pic., Defect Name etc. (In defect detection mode.)
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