DirectTwist ®

Cone-to-cone multi-function twisting machine.

DirecTwist ®2C10"

Your New Yarn Designer

Inspired from C6’’ series and developed for thick yarns. It allows you twist or cover numerous yarns together mostly in one operation.
Cotton/Wool/Acrylic :
Polyester/Elastane :
Nylon/Polypropylene :
Aramid :
Glass/Carbon :
Fine Metal Wire :
  • Specifications
  • Optional Attachments
  • Twisting speed 750 to 10.000 twist / minute, independent each spindle
    Twisting range 3 to 1.000 twist / meter, independent each spindle
    Take-up speed Up to 200 meters / minute, independent each spindle
    Total twisted yarn thickness 100 Nm to 0.5 Nm (~90 denier to ~20.000 denier)
    Take-up cone size 290 mm length 3.30° conical cone or cylindrical cone
    Maximum take up cone diameter 260 mm


    The pre-twisting machine is designed to make the S+Z operation in single step. Up to 7 Pretwist machine can be connected to any spindle.
    Servo Bobbin Feeder
    Technical and twisted yarns feeding process should be applied with constant tension. Servo Bobbin Feeder allows up to 200 meter/min speed. The bobbin holder allows almost any kind of spools. Any number of unit may be connected to any spindle. The tension on the yarn is adjustable. Attached sensors can stop the machine in case of yarn breakage.
    Creel Unit
    Creel Unit allows to control many yarns during the operation with mechanical yarn break sensors. In case of yarn break it stops the machine The tension on the yarn is adjustable with weight-disc tensioners.


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