For twisting S + Z in one opearation.

PreTwist T

Up to 18.000 Tw/min

The pre-twisting machine is designed to make the S+Z operation in single step. Up to 7 Pretwist machine can be connected to any spindle.
Cotton/Wool/Acrylic :
Polyester/Elastane :
Nylon/Polypropylene :
Aramid :
Glass/Carbon :
Fine Metal Wire :
  • Specifications
  • Twisting speed 750 to 18,000 twist / minute, independent each spindle
    Twisting range 3 to 2,000 twist / meter, independent each spindle
    Take-up speed Up to 200 meters / minute, independent each spindle
    No. of friction points on the yarn 0 lateral + 7 axial
    Take-up cone size Depends on connected DirecTwist type
    Maximum take up cone diameter Depends on connected DirecTwist type


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