DirectTwist ®

Cone-to-cone multi-function twisting machine.

    • Easy To Use Touch Screen Operator

      Easy to use touch screen operator terminal allows independent control of each spindle.

      Stylish buttons for programming and indicators for error messages.

    • Safe and silent operation

      Precise bobbin shape and stable mechanisms for heavy packages.

      Adjustable bobbin diameter & softness.

      Possibility of twisting yarns with different thickness and materials.

    • S or Z direction

      One touch button selectable for S and Z twist structurep>

    • The fancy function

      Allows programming different twist/meter values along the yarn length.

    • Long life precise ceramic coated winding drum

      Possibility of winding on cylindrical bobbins. As well as staple fibers, great performance on continuous fibers.;

    • Purely uniform twist

      Purely uniform twist in any combination, even with Lycra.

    • Yarn break sensors & Threading

      Extremely simple threading and guidance of the yarn to spindle with air-jet, results incredibly short setup time.

      Ultra sensitive optical yarn break sensors are used for an advanced control on yarn twisting processes.

    • Yarn feeding systems


      Precise yarn feeding systems enable better winding and reliable twisting . Powered paraffin devices make your yarn ready to run.

    • Programmable lycra feeder


      Optional programmable precise elastane feeding device allows 10% to 90% feeding rate in most twist range.

      Possibility of twisting elastane with any kind of fibers.

    • Connectivity


      Optional wireless connectivity allows synchronization with other machines as well as controlling from mobile phones or PC.

    • Cabling and covering are easier than ever!


      Different threading method allows creating great variety of twisting structures easily. Both CABLING and COVERING processes are possible on the same machine. Therefore , it is possible to realize different twisting methods like Hollow Spindle, Ring Twisting and TFO.

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