IntelliWinder ®

Intelligent unraveling machine for any kind of yarn and fabric structure.

  • Intelligent control software*

    What the operator needs is only to guide the yarns and directing some yarn & fabric parameters vis user friendly touch-screen panel. All the rest to do is IntelliWinder’s business.

  • Ease in operation via touching a button*

    By intelligent software, the buttons for individual systems act accordingly within the same group of unraveling system. By pressing down any of the buttons commencing or ceasing all the group is possible. They work harmoniously owing to being members of the same team.

  • Light alloy winder drum with low inertia for energy saving*

    Specially designed yarn guide ways on the drum evades hazards to the yarn and prevents yarn jumps on the bobin during process of braking. Toothed surface improves short accelaration and braking period.

  • A revolutionary invention*

    The newly developed multi-count yarn tension compensation device, which operates fluently under varying tension and length conditions of the unraveling yarn. This feature is ideal for plating patterns.

  • Ergonomic indicators on each system*

    Helps operator to be much more aware of the work done even while unraveling more complex fabric. Offers eligible application techniques and of course is human friendly.

  • Ultra-sensitive tension/reservoir system*

    As a novelty, reversibility, low inertia & hardened surfaced double yarn feeders decrease the undesired friction effects during tensioning and loosening of the yarn. Undoubtedly, eligible for weak yarns such as your valuable cashmere which is really delicate and vulnerable at the process of unraveling. Bulky yarns also may easily be unraveled by Intelliwinder.

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